Announcing Season 4!

As the schools open back up, and we rush to get a few more summer adventures under our belts, Arctic Entries is pleased to announce the schedule for our 4th Season.  We are looking for stories and story tellers, so don’t be shy!


September 11 – Taking Chances: Stories of Rolling the Dice, Going
Rogue and Living with the Consequences

October 9 – The Truth Will Set You Free: Stories of Fabrications,
Impostors and Winging It

November 13 – Majority Rules: Stories of Power, Popularity and Politics

December 11 – Those Were the Days: Stories of Nostalgia, Puberty and
the Mysteries of Childhood

January 8 – Virtual Reality: Dreams, Delusions, and Getting Lost in a
Series of Tubes

February 12 – I Know You’re Out There: Stories of Missed Connections,
Treasure Maps, and Chasing the Dream

March 12 – Do It Yourself: Stories of Homemade Concoctions, Solo
Journeys, and Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands

April 9 – Commitments: Stories of Makin’em, Breakin’em, and Fakin’em

May 14 – Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time: Stories of Missteps and
Surprising Results