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If you’d like to contact someone at Arctic Entries with questions or comments, e-mail works great: We are real people on the other end of the line, and we really are doing our best to make each and every show great, so please consider being kind and constructive in your criticisms (or just let the kudos fly). We are also pretty busy, so if your email fosters a great internal discussion among the storyboard, you might need to give us a few days to gnaw thoughtfully on your question and respond.

Who are we?

Arctic Entries is organized by a host of volunteers from the Anchorage community. These committed individuals must really enjoy taking on extra responsibilities… Meet the Storyboard:

Paul “Bear” BarendregtStorycoach / Host
Bear told a story during the infamous February 2015 show “Fiasco!” Then he convinced his wonderful wife Josie to tell a story with him in May 2017, which gave rest of the storyboard the idea that he was a prime storyteller recruiter. No one can resist him, and we couldn’t either.

Olivia CohnTicketeer / Host
Olivia enjoys both stories (Arctic Entries) and delicious foods (Arctic entrees). Obviously, she also likes puns. Other likes include bad jokes, good weather, and nice people. She’s been living in Alaska since she moved here from Chicago in 2013 to continue to pursue her personal interests and professional career in environmental work. She grew up in Pure Michigan, America’s high five. When Olivia once consulted her many siblings about what she should put in a bio, they said, “say that you like bikes and use a lot of hair gel.” Olivia likes bikes and uses a lot of hair gel.

Amanda DalePrograms / Coach / Host 
Amanda was once told she is a combination of wool and glitter. She loves listening to stories, picking berries, and most of all listening to stories while picking berries. If the idea of sharing a story at Arctic Entries intimidates you, Amanda wants to talk to you.

Arran ForbesHost / Organization Enforcement 
At Arctic Entries, Arran maintains the spreadsheets and sends emoji-laden texts to the group upwards of six hundred times a day. She works in the NICU where she celebrates every tiny toot and poop from the world’s littlest humans. At home, Arran has two small girls who are brilliant and bold but whose BMs generate less enthusiasm. If you mention Homer within earshot, she’ll launch into a prepared monologue on the superiority of Seward. Relatedly, she hasn’t turned right at the Y since 2003.

Eva GardnerStorycoach / Legal Beagle
Eva came to Alaska from Manhattan on a whim. But her six-week visit turned into a year turned into two years turned into three and so on until she finally faced facts, married her skate ski instructor, and told her friends and family she was never coming back. Barred in (not from) three states, Eva uses her lawyer superpowers for good. If only they were strong enough to help her find a good bagel in Anchortown…

Will Koeppen — Storycoach / Media
Will was busy flying around the world avoiding responsibility and trying to determine what people mean when they say, “it is what it is.” On his way past, he happened to look down and see a beautiful summer day in Alaska, so he stopped for a spell. Now he does faux-tography and website stuff.

Tim Paszalek – Host
Five truths and two lies about Tim: He was born in Texas, holds a college degree that he’s sworn never to use, once painted a prison, has swum in four of the five oceans, holds an obscure world record, has ridden his bicycle to Prudhoe Bay, and thinks you’re fabulous.

Rosey Robards – Audio and Radio Maven
Rosey Robards has been an Anchorage resident since right around her ninth birthday. She’s the director of the Alaska Teen Media Institute, where teens produce a monthly, public-affairs radio show on KNBA 90.3 FM, among other multimedia pieces. She occasionally freelances for the Anchorage Daily News and produced this piece about the founders of Arctic Entries long before she had the opportunity to join the storyboard.

The Storyboard would, of course, like to give a huge, grateful thank you to its co-founders, Tara Loyd and James Keck. In addition, there are a host of volunteers and past storyboard members who have given lots and lots over the years. Those beautiful folks include the following, in no particular order: Katy Laurance, Aryn Cunningham, Cierra Mikkens, Matt Rafferty, Emily Fehrenbacher, Dave Onofrychuk, Vikram Patel, Katya Koteff, Carlyle Watt, Ben Matheson, Colby Bleicher, Shannon Kuhn, Brandon Hill, Willie Dalton, Mikey Huff, Amber Jackson, Jack Klauschie, Sam Weis, Laura Wolff, J.R. Zufelt, Sam Bernitz, Becky Windt, Kate Huber, Darcy Dugan, Nathan Havey, Jekka Roder, Jason Brandeis, Beth Peluso, Theresa Taylor, Paul Anderson, Margaret David, Megan Friedel, Danielle Pittner, Paul Flahive, and an honorable mention to Tony Perelli (who designed our logo!).

Eva Gardner